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Vice City 2011

What is Vice City?

Vice City is a poolside cabana video game party at the yearly Convergence convention in the Twin Cities.  Vice City features classic video gaming in a mellow, friendly atmosphere.  We frown upon 80 hour games that require a memory card – instead we showcase 8-bit Nintendo cartridges alongside classic arcade quarter munchers like Smash TV, Street Fighter II and Dig Dug.  As always, Vice City is absolutely free to attend for anyone that has a Convergence membership.

The colony has a shortage of Smithore

We’ll still kick out unescorted children.  Vice City is officially Not Your Goddamn Babysitter since 2008.  We even have a flier to make it all official.

Vice City typically costs around $750 to run every year.  While at the con donations help offset this cost, the majority of Vice City’s budget comes from pre-convention donations.  If you like the idea of a Convergence party room that features a laid back, relaxed environment with good beer and retro video games, please consider making a donation to the party to help make it happen.  Any amount helps, and it is embarrassingly easy to do.  Just click on the donate link on the left, and Paypal will guide you through the process.  If you don’t have a Paypal account you can still help out – the link also works with major credit cards.

Vice City always has been and always will be nonprofit.  2010 was the first year that Vice City was ever able to show even a small profit, and all previous years Vice City cost the hosts hundreds of dollars of out of pocket money per year. As always, If Vice City somehow manages to post a net gain for the year the surplus will be put directly towards next year’s Vice City party.  If we have a surplus for Vice City 2011 but Vice City at Convergence 2011 doesn’t happen, the surplus will instead be donated to a similarly themed, nonprofit party/convention.  As always, the expense sheet for Vice City will be posted on this webpage shortly after the convention.