The Sprite Engine
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Volunteers needed

The Sprite Engine party needs volunteers to keep the party alive!  You want to party to live, don’t you?  You betcha!

The colony has a shortage of Smithore

The crunch time for volunteers for Vice City is set up and tear down. On the Thursday of the convention I'll need a couple able-bodied people that are willing to help load Vice City's equipment at my home in North Minneapolis and unload it at the Sheraton party room. Once there, I need help with setting up and testing the equipment. The same thing in reverse happens on Sunday, when we need to load the equipment back onto the trailer and unload it in my garage in North Minneapolis.

During the convention Vice City runs a pretty laid back party.  Volunteers for the party really just need to hang out in the room and keep an eye on things. You need to change the games out every couple of hours, and pour a glass of beer every now and then. Now that Vice City has a strict 'no unescourted minors' policy, the atmosphere is very relaxed and chill. It's hard not to relax while you're watching the room during the con.

As the convention gets closer, us Vice City volunteers and co-hosts will divvy up the room schedule. The official, posted hours for Vice City will be from 7:00PM until midnight Thursday through Saturday. Vice City co-hosts will have a key to the room and will be able to unlock the room and open the party up earlier or keep it open later if they so choose.

The colony has a shortage of Energy

What is the difference between a volunteer and a co-host? Well, a volunteer just needs to be a chill person that is willing to watch the room for a shift or three during the convention. A co-host needs to help with moving the Vice City equipment to and from my place in North Minneapolis and the Sheraton, picks what games will be on the systems and when they'll be on the systems, is trusted with a key to the room party, all in addition to occasionally helping with a shift in the room party.

If you are interested in co-hosting or volunteering please let us know!  If you’d like to learn more about what is involved with volunteering at the Vice City 2010 we'd love to hear from you!  All you have to do is email us: