The Sprite Engine
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Donate to the room party

Vice City needs your help! Vice City is in dire need of cash donations.

Let’s cover what donations to the Sprite Engine party will be used for:

Room rental
The hotel charges us about $450 to rent the room for 3 nights (Thursday evening through Sunday morning).  The extra day of convention gives us more time to party, but we’re also stuck with an extra day on the hotel bill.

Shoot or fight gruntsElectronics and wiring
We already own the video game systems, the games, and most of the gear to hook up the video games.  Thanks to previous years' purchases, Vice City is in good shape for electrics. Still, there is always the need to buy a few parts before the party each year.

Room prefabsDon't shoot the potion!
This category covers the items that are made ahead of time that make the room a nicer place.  

Decorations and fliers
I’m doing my best to keep these costs to a minimum, but even so the print costs and gaff tape add up.

No plans for food here.  We’ll let the Consuite and the other Don't shoot the foodparties handle food.  But we just might have a few select alcoholic beverages available during the evening hours. If I have my way, those beverages will be homebrew beers.

In the interest of full disclosure, all donations will be published on this website.  In addition, I will also put a copy of the expense sheet on this website a week or so after the convention. Take a look at the Vice City 2008 Postmortem if you'd like to see what we spent the money on that year.

If by some miracle the party has collected more than it needs to function, the surplus will be placed in savings to be used for future convention parties.  If we’re too burnt out to host any more parties we’ll donate the surplus to another similarly-themed room party or a worthy nonprofit sci-fi/fantasy themed convention. No member of the Vice City crew will make a profit - this is purely a labor of love.Warrior, your life force is running out

If you can, please consider making a small donation to the Vice City video game room party. You probably won't miss your $15 at the end of the month, but your contribution will go a long way towards helping Vice City be a fantastic party!